Wedding Flowers – Fresh vs Paper Flowers

What do you envision when you think of your wedding day flowers? A beautiful arrangement of centerpieces filled with gorgeous fresh flowers that have a subtle aroma that set the perfect mood. Perhaps you see your bridesmaids carrying a bouquet filled with peonies and hydrangeas. One question you may not have asked yourself is if you should substitute fresh flowers for paper ones.

Now don’t shake your head just yet. We have looked around every corner of the internet to find some pretty fabulous paper flower options that may have you changing your mind. But before we jump into all that beauty, we have made a list to help you better decide which type of flower you should use.

Fresh Flowers
– Nothing beats the touch and feel of a real flower.
– The scent is so intoxicating.
– Look stunning in wedding photographs.
– Provides a soft and delicate look.

– Can take up a large portion of your wedding budget.
– Barely last through the big day.
– Are forgotten at the end of the night.
– Allergy concerns.

Paper Flowers
– Available in multiple color selections.
– There are not specific seasons.
– Can be cost effective.

– If poorly done, can look tacky.
– Possible hazard for numerous paper cuts.
– Bouquets CANNOT be thrown due to above con.
– Have no scent.

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